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Maam's Jamaican Restaurant was established in 2007 in Miami, Florida where it has seen the landscape around it change over time. The name "Maam's" comes from the founder’s mother, who passed her passion for cooking onto him. Maam’s has become a staple in the community, offering menus for Jamaican Breakfast and Lunch/Dinner.


We are known for generous portions of classic Jamaican dishes - Jerk, BBQ, Oxtail, plus a touch of Caribbean fun. We will tell you now – you will be back for more! After serving our community for years, we come highly recommended for both travelers and locals to visit for authentic Jamaican food and prompt, friendly service. 

Meet the Chef

Garry Hanson is the founder and head-chef at Maam's Jamaican Restaurant. He was born and raised in Portland, Jamaica. After moving to South Florida in his 20s he enrolled in Johnson & Wales' culinary program. Soon after graduating he opened Maam’s.


His passion for cooking came from learning to cook for his siblings at a young age. Over the years, he realized that people outside of his family would request for him to cook regularly - praising his amateur cooking skills. After enrolling in culinary school on a whim, Garry learned that he had a passion for cooking. He also discovered that he had a natural talent, despite never working in the restaurant industry. When you dine with us you can trust that you are experiencing an authentic Jamaican meal. We look forward to serving you!


Catering Authentic Jamaican Food for Events is Our Specialty

We have years of experience catering to numerous customers seeking to bring Caribbean flavors to their events. We are committed to being your first-choice for catering for your conferences, holiday parties and private events. We guarantee to deliver top quality service for your event!

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