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Mek Maam's Do Di Cooking Fi Yuh

Authentic Jamaican Food, Made Traditionally


Welcome to Maam's Jamaican Restaurant

At Maam's we encourage you to relax and let "Maam's Do di Cooking Fi Yuh!" Established in 2007, we are a hidden gem in Miami offering everything you love about Jamaican cuisine. Our founder and head chef, Garry Hanson, has a heart for service and sharing Jamaican culture through unmatched flavors and prices.  

Located in the heart of Ives Estates, we offer top-rated, authentic Jamaican food made in a traditional way. Whether you're on the go or eating with your family; Maam's is the place to find the flavors that give you a real taste of Jamaican country-style cooking.

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Original Jamaican Recipes made with traditional spices.

Cater the


Maam's has the flavor you need to impress at your event.



Fresh Juices and your favorite carribean drinks.


          If you're looking for Jamaican food then you seriously cannot go wrong with Maam's. Not only is each plate reasonably priced but they're also packed with rich flavor. My favorite dish by far is the oxtail. Nothing beats the gravy on top of the rice and peas. I've recently ventured out and got a plate of the jerk chicken and I wasn't disappointed. Spicy and good. 10/10 hidden gem.

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